First blog post

Okay, I don’t know if I’m ready to delve into the world of book blogs and such, but I guess I’m going to have to be, perhaps I’m just trying to fill the void of endless time that is my my post school life, maybe I’m making a very regrettable mistake. But lets just for now at least pretend this isn’t a regrettable mistake and just roll with it…

Basically I have a taste for YA, anything from fantasy to contemporary. I also am beginning to read more adult books, primarily thrillers, war based and obviously classics. I guess I hope to meet some bookish friends and get my opinions out there about the books I love and hate and in between. l so often want to put out my say somewhere, with nowhere to put it.

I’m open to and love all kinds of discussions so don’t hesitate to comment and give me your say, I want to hear it!

Thanks for reading my boring rambling and attempt at starting a blog, I’ll probably look back and either cringe, or die inside… a little bit. But anyway, hope to see you soon! (though I understand if you don’t plan on a return xx).



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